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An athlete from Dayspring Christian Academy's Girl's Volleyball team in Mountsville, PARepresent Jesus Well

Dayspring Warriors have three simple words that drive our athletic program: “Represent Jesus Well.” Athletics gives us an opportunity to excel in representing Jesus in every area of life. As Warriors, we are committed to using our athletic abilities to glorify God and represent our school well.

Please visit rSchoolToday for your child’s game schedule, as well as information on game scores, team standings, cancellations & changes in location or times.

As a Dayspring Warrior or the parent of a Warrior, you will want to check the Athletic Handbook. It contains valuable information regarding Dayspring Christian Academy’s philosophy of athletics and competition, as well as the role of parents, coaches, and athletes. It also contains all Athletic Department policies, including the ever-important Athlete Academic Policy and the Electronics Policy. All parents and athletes are expected to familiarize themselves with these policies, as they will be strictly enforced. The Athletic Handbook can be found by clicking here.

Of course, we want you to show your school spirit with clothing & accessories available through our Spirit Store! Please note that spirit wear is not approved for physical education classes.

Athletics FAQ

How Do I Sign My Child Up For a Sport?
STEP 1 — Pay the participation fee according to the fee schedule. You can register online for the sports your child is interested in. STEP 2 – PAPERWORK- Obtain a PIAA CIPPE form (must be completed for each new school year) and sign the DCA Warriors Constitution. Paperwork is found in the Form Library. These must be completed before your athlete may attend practice. STEP 3 – Sign up for notifications on RSchool Today. As always, schedules are subject to change at any time. Signing up for notifications on the RSchool website is a must, and ensures that you will hear of changes to the schedule as they occur. Calling the office for this information is highly discouraged. Cooperative sponsorship athletes will hear about their schedules directly from their coaches. STEP 4 – Attend scheduled practices. As a general rule, practices take place on M, T, Th, F, from 3:15 – 5:30. Athletes are always bused to practice, where parents should pick them up at 5:30. Athletes will always be bused to and from competitions; however, parents are welcome to pick up athletes from competitions as long as the athletic department is notified in writing. Coaches will fine tune team specific information at their parents meetings, generally held the first week of practice. Step 5 – Familiarize yourself with the Athletic Handbook, which includes our philosophy of athletics, as well as all pertinent policies.
What is the Fee Schedule?
Varsity Sports – $85.00 Middle School Sports – $70.00 A three-sport athlete will only need to pay for two sports during one school year. Limited scholarships are available from the Booster Club. Please contact Mr. Vinson for more information!
May My Student Driver Drive to Practices and Games?
Student drivers may drive themselves to practices, but may not take any other students in their cars. Student drivers MUST check in at the gym EACH DAY before leaving for practice. All athletes are expected to ride with their teams to competitions unless permission has been granted from the Athletic Director.
Where Are Sports Schedules Found?
The most up-to-date scheduling information for practices and games is found on RSchool Today.
What Do I Do If I Have More Questions?
It is impossible to address every policy and procedure in this format. Therefore, questions are not only expected but welcomed! It is our desire that every athlete and family have a good understanding of the Athletic Department's policies and procedures. Please direct all questions to Mr. Vinson until the coaches have their parent meetings. At these meetings, you will find out the best way to contact coaches for team-specific questions.
How Can I Be Involved?
The Dayspring Warriors Booster Club holds several fundraisers throughout the year in an effort to ensure all of our teams get the support they need. Be sure to check the Beacon for upcoming events and fundraisers!

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